Let’s “Get Lucky”: Daft Punk broadcast pop’s first Song of the Summer contender

If you know pornography only when you see it, then likewise, you know the annual Song of the Summer when you hear it. Two years ago it was “Midnight City” by M83 (which got a late jump, first surfacing in July 2011) , then last year it was the now-ubitquitous “I Love It” by Sweden’s Icona Pop. Hell, “I Love It” is a song so still on fire it threatens to be this year’s SOTS for the mainstream (I heard a Boston-area Top 40 DJ call it just that a few days ago, damn, and after the NBC The Today Show appearance and Girls cameo, there’s no sign of slowing down).

Well, after this weekend, we have a one-minute glimpse into what is the first contender into the 2013 SOTS sweepstakes: French electronic duo Daft Punk’s collab with Pharrell and Nile Rodgers on “Get Lucky,” which on Saturday night was teased both on the big screens at Coachella in the California desert and on small screens around the world during Saturday Night Live. Leave it to Daft Punk for stealing Coachella headlines without even performing, and getting late-night SNL viewers all worked up twice now.

Good god of fuck, this is some white-hot stuff. This is massive, a party record barreling toward Earth, and having picked up huge momentum in the last 48 hours. Pop armageddon awaits.

Any why? Because you instantly want more. Cue AT&T girl: “We want more we want more.”

Also because the snippet is incredible, and already racking up nearly a million YouTube views.

With all the hype and advance promo, I was just about getting tired hearing about the new Daft Punk record. This immediate wiped away all the annoyance and just enraptured me. I can’t wait for May 21, when Random Access Memories is released, via Daft Life Limited/Columbia Records.