Jessica Wilde says what we’re all thinking on ‘Kissing My Best Friend’

Photo Credit: Alana Seyes and Nic Marilyn

We don’t throw our unwavering support behind too many causes and campaigns these days, but Jessica Wilde hits our playlists with one we can truly endorse: Making out with our best friends. Maybe it’s because they’re all quite attractive, maybe it’s because this was kind of the norm back in the slutty 2000s, and maybe it’s because the London artist’s new alt-pop single “Kissing My Best Friend” has gotten us in the mood. The track follows Wilde’s March debut album Sober, Wasted, Wasted, Sober, and packs enough heat from the rising singer, rapper, and producer to keep us warm through winter. Those BFF snuggles don’t hurt, either. “This song is exciting for me as it’s my first self-produced release,” says Wilde. “As a female artist it feels really good to be seen not only as a voice but also as a producer. ‘Kissing My Best Friend’ is a very personal tune but hopefully my best friends won’t figure out which of them it’s about, haha!” Oh, they know who it’s about.