New ‘Weird Al’ photobook ‘Lights, Camera, Accordion!’ has an infomercial

Photo Credit: Jon Bermuda Schwartz/Courtesy of 1984 Publishing

Following the release of his first photobook chronicling the quiet times and loud moments of Weird Al Yankovic’s career, Black & White & Weird All Over, Jon Bermuda Schwartz is bringing more of the behind the scenes magic to us in a new book that’s even colorful (and color-filled) than the parody king’s already vivid personality.

As the color-photo companion to its black-and white predecessor, Lights, Camera, Accordion! delivers an all-new slate of photos spanning Yankovic’s entire career from the perspective he drummer and self-appointed band archivist. And keep it as close to Al’s classic brand of humor as he can, Schwartz and the book’s publishing company, 1984 Publishing, have released a retro-style infomercial to deliver all the sweet info ahead of the book’s November 15 release.

Check it out.