Dutch ReBelle plugs into ‘The Matrix’ with her ‘Gooniez’ music video


It’s been a while since we covered Dutch ReBelle in all her solo-shoot glory. Recent articles have found the Boston rapper spitting bars alongside Shellz and King Fiya; hell, even her 2021 video for “Stony” positioned her among a mix of prominent pals and Boston creatives. But with her new visual “Gooniez,” Dutch ReBelle trades companionship for center stage, stripping down her set to just a freight elevator and a desolate Connecticut warehouse. The video dropped last week (July 19), following the early July release of the Smoke-produced single.

By ReBelle’s standards, her new surroundings might seem bare, but the “Gooniez” video serves as a reminder that she is the view. Posing in a taut pleather ensemble, she offers a warning: “Don’t let your sons or your daughters out / Unless they with that shit we about.” But if you are down with ReBelle’s crew, they’re willing to demonstrate just how deep their fast-rapping rabbit hole goes.

“I am still continuing my ode to femme fatales and badass unsung women heroes,” she tells Vanyaland, building on the theme we saw in her video for “Stony.” “This was a mix between Jada Pinkett Smith’s role in The Matrix [series], Trinity from The Matrix, and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.”

With “Gooniez,” ReBelle is showing you a new door to her world. Now you just need to press play and boldly walk through it. Plug into her newest homage below.