The Ballroom Thieves usher in a new era with ‘Woman’

Photo Credit: Makenzie Lowe

The closing of one chapter is almost immediately followed by the opening of another, and story of The Ballroom Thieves is no exception. The New England indie-folk project recently celebrated two nights at The Sinclair in Cambridge to raise a glass to departing founding member Devin Mauch, and this past Friday (July 23) welcomed a new era with a new track propelling forward by core members Martin Earley and Calin “Callie” Peters. The new single is called “Woman,” it’s all about the emotions that come after a breakup, and it features a lovely assist from fellow Mainer and vocalist Lady Lamb.

“So you had a bad breakup and decided to write a song to prove to everybody that you’re over it,” the Thieves playfully write. “Wistful reflection turns into denial, self-pity, anger, and finally, acceptance. You’re definitely over it. You add a big horn part during the spiteful bridge. Is she even going to care? It doesn’t matter because you’re definitely over it.”

It’s a tale as old as time. Help The Ballroom Thieves usher in a new era with this lush, haunting tune, and apply your own life’s “big horn part” as a means of relating and understanding. Listen to “Woman” below.