Lindsay Munroe takes us on a romantic trip fit for ‘Weekend Love’

Via Stay Loose PR

Chances are a lot of us are sitting here on this solemn and gray Monday morning fantasizing about one of two things: The weekend we just experienced, or the weekend off in the distance, a long, hard five work days away. For us, we’re reminiscing, and Lindsay Munroe’s new tune “Weekend Love” has hit the sweet spot for our modern-day escapism fantasies.

The Manchester alt-indie artist’s latest, out today (July 12, a Monday, well played) is another strong leap forward that continues winning streak off February’s independence anthem “Need A Ride”. And here, Munroe’s sharp songwriting and lyricism acumen, exploring the freedom of a casual relationship free from the ties that bind us to responsibility, is once again on full display.

“’Weekend Love’ reflects on the inherent humour of two quite earnest people trying to embark on a casual relationship,” she says. “It’s a fun song reflecting a fun time — two people living in different cities, seeing each other for a few days at a time and, for me at least, providing a bit of an escape from weekday life.”


This new track is also Munroe’s first single for songwriter/producer Steph Marziano’s label, Common Language. With another new single set for release next month and a sophomore EP well on the way, expect more great things to come, both for the weekend and every other day.