Lindsay Munroe raises a glass to independence in ‘Need A Ride’

Photo Credit: Cinthia Baseler

Though it has felt like the longest winter ever — a brutal combination of shit weather and a never-ending urging to stay home as we deal with the pandemic age — it’s important to note that the official start of spring is only a few weeks away. As we slowly end our physical hibernation (seems our mental and emotion state never got time off), Lindsay Munroe’s new single “Need A Ride,” out today (February 22), has us feeling quite motivated. The slinky guitar-pop track, which possesses a riveting low-end glow throughout its three-minute runtime, is self-defined as an “independence anthem” about Munroe enjoying the singledom of her 20s.

“Having become single quite suddenly and unexpectedly, I was shocked by the confidence and self-assurance I felt in that newfound independence,” Munroe says. “It feels particularly relevant at the moment since socially distanced dating is so difficult, unless you live with a partner, lockdown is essentially a time of government-enforced celibacy.”

“Need A Ride” follows the release of last year’s Our Heaviness EP, with which the Manchester artist earned high praise from Sharon Van Etten. Another new single and an EP is set to arrive from Munroe later this year; but in the meantime, hitch a ride with “Need A Ride” via Spotify below.