modernlove. get things done on the rousing ‘lmk (if you wanna see me)’

Photo Credit: Marc Shelly

When you read or hear the phrase “modern love,” what comes to mind? The Bowie or Bloc Party song? The New York Times column? Your own far-flung daydreams of the one you could have and should have ended up with? Now take those two words, smash ’em together and add a hard-stop period at the end, and discover modernlove., a new Irish alt-pop group who are set to cause a decent stir from their shores to ours. This week the four-piece offer up a bubbling new track in “imk (if you wanna see me)”, wound tightly around our daily emotions of isolation and insecurity but boasting a glossy core of purity lodged deep down the middle.

“‘lmk (if you wanna see me)’ is about a formative period of your life ending,” the band declares. “We wrote it during lockdown which inspired the somber, detached feel of the song.”

The slow-burner track will be featured on modernlove.’s debut EP, monochrome blue, due September 1 via Akira Records. The record is said to be centered around themes of romance, rejection, and 21st-century communication, and how all three play a role in shaping our lives. It should be only a matter of time before we’re writing up a post announcing some North American live shows, so stay tuned.