Here’s a helpful guide regarding guest list for when live music comes back

Party Bois / Bandcamp

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic age and seemingly endless quarantine, the question of “When will live music return?” will be quickly replaced with “Hey, can I get on the guest list?” It’s a time-honored query, one of bloated self-assurance and fragile status, and we’re pretty much all guilty of it. But with everyone across the live music spectrum — from artists to crew to venue staff — essentially out of work for the past 15 months, everyone attending a show from now until whenever needs to pay their way in. So a simple, helpful website has been established to ensure showgoers know where they stand as they get ready to rock out again.

Enter canihaveguestlist.com.

Click the link, get the answer.


Much like that Misfits and Limp Bizkit cover we posted earlier in the week, we’re unsure of the creator, the believe in the sentiment. Carry this wisdom with you as you re-enter the world of rock clubs, bars, theaters, halls, and wherever else there’s a ticket to buy or cover to pay. And we’ll leave you with Party Bois’ club banger from 2014, appropriately titled “Guest List.” Now, there’s no need to “check this”, as the Boston band would say.

[h/t Nick Minieri]