Norii flips the script on depression with a ‘Vow to You’ promise

Via artist

Back in January we threw it out to San Diego to vibe with Norii, one of our favorite new artists of 2021 so far. The alt-pop artist caught attention on both coasts with her personal single “Exocoetidae”, which channeled feelings of disenchantment and displacement after a falling out with her family. Now, she’s back with a bounce and a high step in “Vow To You,” a colorful and glitchy tune that emerges in lockstep with the spring season, a track that first formed in a dark place but bloomed along a path to self-assuredness.

“’Vow To You’ was born in the midst of one of my infamous depression benders,” Norii says. “Absolutely sick of the self-pity I couldn’t claw my way out of, I was determined to write a happy song. I spent hours with writer’s block because my fake joy felt so inauthentic. Something shifted once I remembered that cliche advice everyone’s heard: Talk to yourself like you’d talk to your best friend. My best friend has got that whole mental stability thing down pat, so I decided to reverse the roles. I began writing a song as if the person I loved most in the world was in the same dark, glitchy space I was in, and writing lyrics flowed pretty simply after that.”

Norii adds: “’Vow To You’ is a love song to my best friend, and also to myself in a way. Most importantly, we can dance to it.” That’s a vow worth holding on to; fire up “Vow To You” below.