MONOWHALES carve a new path forward on the fiery ‘Out With The Old’

Photo Credit: Francesca Ludikar

Words and sentiments certainly matter in this stress blender we call 2021, so when we saw earlier on this Inauguration Day that MONOWHALES dropped a new track called “Out With The Old”… well, it certainly caught our attention. The fiery new jam was actually released this past Friday (January 15), but we’re feeling it pretty hard on a day like today.

Out with the old, indeed, America.

The world is being forced to reset and we’re anxiously caught in the cycle,” the Toronto trio declare in a statement. “Our new single ‘Out With The Old’ is an anthem for the disenfranchised, centering on the loss of innocence and entitlement which we’ve all experienced over the past year. Maybe the world isn’t what you thought it was, or maybe it’s even worse than you could have ever imagined. Like it or not, it’s our generation’s responsibility to carve a path forward. This song is the feeling of being made to choose where there’s no choice at all, but taking a vicious grip on hope in spite of everything going on in our lives

We last caught up with MONOWHALES last summer upon the release of their euphoric alt-pop banger “All Or Nothing”, and this new jam continues their breakneck pace. “Out With The Old” will be featured on MONOWHALES’ forthcoming album Daytona Bleach, out March 5.

“As a band, we try our best to always move forward with positivity despite the darkness we’ve all experienced,” they add. “We are working towards more caring, nurturing and inclusive ways of thinking and treating one another. There’s been so much loss and heartbreak in the world this year but we are all in the midst of a paradigm shift. We have no choice but to embrace the new reality of our lives. Let’s agree that we all need to help create a kinder future.”

Pre-order Daytona Bleach here, and drop a pre-save on it here. Listen to “Out With The Old” via Spotify or peep the official video below.