MONOWHALES go for ‘All or Nothing’ with euphoric alt-pop results

Photo Credit: Francesca Ludikar

Toronto’s MONOWHALES dropped their latest single “All or Nothing” this past Friday (August 28), and if you happened to hear impassioned shouts of “Yeah!” off in the distance, wherever you may have been, chances are it was from the mouth of someone blasting their new tune.

The wildly infectious and roaring alt-pop track was recorded at Echoplant Studios with Ryan Worsley out in the Vancouver Metro area, and we can feel its energy all the way over here in Boston. “All or Nothing” is quite the jam — and took the type of inspirational flight one would expect from such a lively, vertical tune.

“The song’s writing came about as our drummer Jordan was about to quit his job to work on the band full-time after getting out of a long term relationship,” MONOWHALES tell us. “It was a scary time full of uncertainty and risk, but there was no doubt in his mind that he was on the right path. When he showed ‘All or Nothing’ to the rest of the band, the song resonated right away and we began turning it into a MONOWHALES track. Now it’s one of our favorites to play live…”


Crank this one to 10. Yeah!