Visionist takes us back to our twisted office life on ‘The Fold’

Photo Credit: Visionist & Peter DePotter

This week delivers the online premiere of “The Fold”, the striking new single and visual from Visionist, the London-based experimental composer and producer born Louis Carnell. The atmospheric track, featuring the commanding vocals of Haley Fohr, stands firm on its own haunting brand of delicate drama; but the video enters new territory as workers around the world continue to be disconnected from their traditional office spaces. The visuals from “The Fold” are taken from footage of Jonathan Schipper’s 2016 installation “Cubicle“, from the Rice Gallery in Houston.

The scenes of where we used to work, twisted and maligned and stark in its emptiness, takes on its own artistic form as we crawl into 2021 with no real return to our previous way of life in sight.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about, and acting on the notions of repetition, routine, control,” Visionist says. “I came across Schipper’s ‘Cubicle’ exhibition a few years ago, so when we first went into lockdown, it came to mind. The cubicle demands patience and seeks evolution. At the beginning of lockdown there was a lot of hope for new thought, but it was the creatives call for destruction under the old rule.”

Of “The Fold,” he adds: “The song is about protection, usually a positive action — but not always. I see the action of folding as a form of safe-keeping or the first step to ruin. A fold can also be a protection in numbers or what could be considered a lack of individuality. Every birdcage should have a door that is controlled inside and out, it is not enough to be admired if you cannot admire yourself.”

“The Fold” will be featured on Visionist’s forthcoming third album A Call To Arms, out March 5 via Mute Records on CD and digital with vinyl formats to arrive in the spring.