Diet Cig give us something to dance about in the ‘Who Are You’ video

Photo Credit: Emily Dubin

The empty void of 2020 robbed us of a great many things within the music community, and the Diet Cig live experience is certainly included on the list. The New York slop-pop duo of Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman released a sparking new album in May’s Do You Wonder About Me?, but the global pandemic prevented the pair from showing it off to fans and friends far and wide. As 2020 draws to a close, Diet Cig have released a new video for LP standout “Who Are You”, and they’ve taken a DIY stage to sing and dance about it.

“We had such a fun time getting to wiggle around on a stage again!!” says Diet Cit. “We built the whole set ourselves in a park down the street from our apartment, we loved getting to play with the goofy DIY aesthetic of children’s theater paired with the silly seriousness of an improvised, costumed dance. Gara Lonning (who choreo’d our TikTok dance for the song in April) choreographed the ending number. it was really exciting to expand those moves into a whole new dance framed by homemade velvet curtains.” 

These dance moves should keep us warm through the winter, and hopefully in the new year we’ll be able to re-connect with Diet Cig the way we were all supposed to in 2020.


Watch the visual below, and check out a pair of live galleries from recent Diet Cig Boston-area appearances.