Pastor Kenneth Copeland gets a heavy metal remix from Andre Antunes

Andre Antunes / YouTube

A few loooong weeks after the BBQ, Beer, Freedom Guy found himself suddenly fronting a hardcore band, the internet now brings us more musical brilliance from depths in which it has no business existing. Guitarist Andre Antunes has taken to YouTube with dazzling results yet again to add some heavy metal riffs to Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s COVID-19 sermon from back in late March… and well, it’s just as amazing as we all would hope.

As Copeland demands judgement on the coronavirus and unleashes the wrath of God upon it — all while praying quite heavily for a divine vaccine — Antunes shreds accordingly, giving us a new type of Christian rock we never knew we needed. To those who are unfamiliar with Copeland and his Texas ministries, we direct you to this bonkers May 2019 interview with Inside Edition.

Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on Copeland and what he preaches, one thing that is certain is that his sermon makes for some pretty great metal lyrics. Growl along below, and help strike COVID from this blessed Earth:

“In the Name of Jesus, standing in the office of the prophet of God,
I execute judgment on you COVID-19.
I execute judgment on you, satan, you destroyer, you killer.
You get out.
I break your power.
You get off this nation.
I demand judgment on you.
I demand.
I demand.
I demand a vaccination to come immediately.
I call you done.
I call you gone.
You come down from your place of authority, destroyer.
You come down and you crawl on your belly,

Like God commanded you when He put His foot on your head,
In the Garden of Eden.
You will destroy through COVID-19 no more (no more).
It is finished (finished)!
It is over!
And the United States of America is healed and well again,
Saith the mighty Spirit called Peace, who is also the Prince of War, the Lord Jesus Christ.”