‘BBQ, Beer, Freedom’ guy finds himself in a hardcore band


A YouTube user named Andres Wade turned an on-air election update debacle into America’s new favorite hardcore tune. And, to give full credit to Wade, the instrumental of “World Freedom” slaps.

During an on-air election update in Clark County, Nevada yesterday, a man wearing a “BBQ, Beer, Freedom” shirt interrupted the news briefing, repeatedly yelling “Joe Biden’s crime family is stealing the election, the media is covering it up!” The clip quickly went viral, and showed up on most of everyone’s social media feeds.

Wade flipped the disruption into a 26-second burst of a hardcore track, with the “BBQ, Beer, Freedom” ranting in proper frontman fashion. Who says politics weren’t a great musical motivator for creativity?


Watch the entire clip below. [h/t Ryan J. Walsh (@JahHills) on twitter.]