Maps lifts our sprits through music and joyous new single ‘Sleep Today’

Photo: Phil Sharp

The ebullient music of Maps is often one of moods, and there sure is a certain kind of mood stretched out across the United States this morning (November 9). Which means the arrival of English composer and producer James Chapman’s new single, “Sleep Today,” hits a bit differently as the weight of the past four years begins to ease up.

Recorded as part of the sessions for last year’s Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss. LP, “Sleep Today” heads a new four-track Maps EP set for release next month. And its “positive message about trying to come to terms with the present and looking forward to better times,” according to Chapman, sure resonates with the moment.  

“Music has always been a therapy for me, and I definitely have an escapist mentality when creating and listening to songs,” Chapman adds. “‘Sleep Today’ is a song that always lifts my spirits when I listen to it, and that is the feeling I was trying to evoke when writing and recording the track.”
Listen to it yourself below, and check out the Maps’ remix EP that kept our spirits lifted over the summer.