jonn.beatty urges people to the polls on ‘Hot Lemonade’

Photo Credit: Bred Hampton

If anyone needs a solid reason to vote today, consult the new jonn.beatty track “Hot Lemonade.” The Dorchester rapper dropped his running-to-the-polls anthem last month, but on this very hectic election day, his myriad of motivations bear repeating. “My freedom won’t get silenced here / Protest can’t be peaceful / When police showing up in riot gear,” he raps, before honoring the life of Breonna Taylor. Encouragement for a safer future — as well as discontent over America’s unjust present — usher in Beatty’s battle cry for fellow voters: “‘Bout to go cop me some delegates!”

“Although the music industry is ever-evolving, one core responsibility will never change,” he shares. “Speak up. I’m showing my family, friends, community and peers how to reclaim their power as Americans. 2020 was a tumultuous year that displayed the best and worst parts of humanity. It’s our job to take a stand however we can. Voting will not end systemic oppression today, and may never end it. All I know is that Breonna’s mother wants us to vote on Breonna’s behalf, so that’s what me and my people are going to do.” Tune in on the way to your polling place below.