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Brandie Blaze and CakeSwagg spin a rooftop remix of ‘WAP’


There have been ample covers of “WAP” — more than the world ever needed (or wanted), including especially heinous white-washed, indie-fied copies that strip the original instant-classic by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion of every ounce of its intimidating sex appeal (we won’t waste time by posting or linking back to them). 

But Brandie Blaze and CageSwagg would never commit a crime like that; they only give songs musical facelifts. The two Boston MCs teamed up to release a remix of the song last Friday (September 4), and put simply: there’s some quick-witted talent in this house.

Packed with bars too explicit to share here, Puritan Boston will be shaking in their boots when they hear this one.


Grab a bucket and a mop, and open the floodgates below.