Suburban Living find the cure for a dream-pop malaise on ‘Dirt’

Photo Credit: Kelly Cammarata

When we last caught up with Suburban Living, the Philadelphia dream-pop gents were gazing skyward through the lens of “Indigo Kids”, a synth shine of a spring standout that took inspiration from alleged Russian super-genius Boris Kipriyanovich. A few weeks later, the band is back with another track from their forthcoming album, How to Be Humanout August 28 via Egghunt, and this time the genius appreciation shifts from Kipriyanovich to Robert Smith. The track is called “Dirt,” and Suburban Living songwriter/producer Wesley Bunch says the lush, orchestral track took a cue from The Cure’s Disintegration era, and stands as “a tribute to all my favorite sophisti-pop bands from the past.” Grab a shovel and dig in to “Dirt” below.