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Hinds feel the ‘Burn’ with new video filmed during COVID-19 lockdown


One of the few bright spots in this miserable year we’re all forced to endure has been the music of Hinds. The Madrid guitar-pop band hit us with one of the best albums of 2020 in last month’s The Prettiest Curse, lined with the type of bubbly, skewered pop jams that keep us upbeat in downtrodden times. This week Hinds are back in our earholes and eyeballs with an artsy new video for “Burn,” directed by Mariano Schoendorff and filmed while the band was on COVID-19 lockdown.

The visual was premiered last night (July 14) via an online video premiere party, complete with with fan Q&A. While the video is a true sign of the times, the song itself plays into more timeless themes of empowerment and dedication.

“‘Burn’ is about inner strength, overcoming what’s ugly, making it yours and owning it,” Hinds say. “This song is the rage you feel after you fall or when you fight against something that feels out of your hands. This song is about cleaning yourself of old habits, of vice and trauma before you stand up and keep fighting again. This song is about making your skin thicker so it doesn’t break that much. Cause as musicians, we work with our feelings. And that’s why it hurts so much to have to learn how to feel without a heart.”