Rebecka Reinhard lets out a dream-pop ‘war cry’ with ‘No Release’

Via artist

As we continue to experience each passing day with a year’s worth of mental and emotional labor attached, there’s a personal tension we all must release in order to do it all over again tomorrow. Which is why “No Release,” the latest single from Swedish dream-pop artist Rebecka Reinhard, hits differently as we cross the midway point of 2020. A slow guitar-pop strut slowly gives way to a building crescendo, exploding in a cascade of blissful shoegazing noise that feels like our own primal scream let loose from our bodies.

“This song is where all the parts of me that are ever tired, hurt, worn out and fed up get to have their say,” says Reinhard. “Tell their ugly version of the story. But it’s not a wallowing in self-pity. It’s a slow, rumbling war cry. An anthem being pushed relentlessly towards the edge of the cliff and finally hurled into the void.”

Feel that.


“No Release” will be featured on Reinhard’s forthcoming EP, Whale, out August 21 via Crowds And Power. Get to know the artist and sound below.