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VOWWS capture the moods of our dystopian climate in ‘Impulse Control’

Photo Credit: Eric Fain

Whether they’re crushing intimate Allston venues or touring with the likes of Cold Cave or Poppy, VOWWS always deliver the goods. The Los Angeles-via-Australia electronic power duo remain a fave for us at the V, and this past Friday (May 15) dropped a sinister growler of a new tune called “Impulse Control.” It wraps a sonic sheet across your stupid face and tightens up until you’re suffocated by Matt James and Rizz’s dirty brand of death-pop.

The accompanying video was directed by Rizz and Jesse Draxler, filmed in part in LA’s Little Tokyo just before shelter-in-place orders swept the city. Our current dystopian climate of paranoia and confusion is in full view as we sit indoors and watch the world sit idly on pause.

“It’s a unique time for humanity, the machine has stopped and we’re all in solitary having to deal with ourselves,” VOWWS declare. “There’s a lot of anxiety that we can’t really run from. Like everyone else, we’re processing a huge shock and experiencing things we’ve never dealt with before. We’re grateful to have an outlet for some of the angst, it feels like the best way we can work through something this intense is to capture the feeling and represent it somehow. A lot of the song came out of nowhere, straight from the void probably.”