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Mats Wawa gets star-struck in a ’60s kinda way on ‘Sparkly Eyes’

Via artist

At one point or another, we’ve all been star-struck. But in those moments, frozen solid like we’re being transported by a Mandalorian, we’ve never sounded as good — or kept as cool — as Mats Wawa. The Norwegian indie songwriter has hit us with an soulful new tune called “Sparkly Eyes”, and it’s a sweet blast of ’60s-pop complete with enough uplifting strings and vocal harmonies to keep us warm through winter. Wawa says the track is about “being really star struck. Our guitar player Terje (Vea Torkellsen) is a huge Sean O’Hagan fan. I just tried to put into words what I envision would go on inside his head if he met O’Hagan on the street. Musically, it’s inspired by gospel and Laura Nyro.” We’ll see how we react when we meet Mats Wawa himself.