Tory Silver braces for the weight of the working world in ‘A While Now’

Photo Credit: Gaby Choiniere

Tory Silver can’t stop roaming. Chin-up, brave-faced, and tracing her unique path with twinkling guitar riffs, the Ohio-turned-Boston songwriter paints a picture of an endless wander in her new song “A While Now” (released November 1). Yet, no matter how far from home she strays, there’s still something that remains latched to her consciousness – a force that’s keeping her awake and drenched in stress-sweat.

It’s the thing that all creatives hold in their hearts with dread: A day job.

“The single is largely inspired by the stress of wanting to make it in the music world while also balancing a 9-5 job,” Silver tells Vanyaland. “There’s the line, ‘I’ve been walking for a while now’ tagged with ‘my legs are shaking, shaking’ which is about trying to get out of that stress, but still feeling weighed down. Ultimately, the song is about finding balance.”

And balance is exactly what Silver churns out with “A While Now,” tempering her apprehensive lyrics with silky soft rock, gentle on both the ears and the mind. Tune in below.