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Camino 84 is ‘Standing Back Up’ and we might never sit down again

Via Facebook

Camino 84, the man and the vision, continues to create a timeless sonic imprint. The Boston musician, producer, DJ, and all around electronic music renaissance man brought us back to retro-minded dance floors with 2017’s extraordinary New Mutant Disco and then seduced us at the country club with his Yacht Rock Breaks and Lover’s Yacht series, all while dedicating himself to our city’s hidden musical history.

But he’s back today (October 10) with a delicious new joint that defies our 2019 comfort zones. We’d say it’ll be coming to a ’70s-style variety show near you very soon, but modern times call for modern solutions, so you can stream this loose and free-wheeling single right now via Spotify.

“‘Standing Back Up’ has got a little bit of everything — a power pop song at its core, with a driving disco beat, and even a full-out bebop shout chorus,” writes Camino 84, nominated for Electronic Artist of the Year in this year’s Boston Music Awards. “It’s my attempt to reconcile an earnest desire and drive to constantly improve myself, with the unshakeable feeling that such efforts might be kinda futile… It’s dry and sarcastic, but at the end of the day I think it’s an honestly joyful song.”


It’s giving us life.