Camino 84 soundtracks a smooth Valentine’s Day on his ‘Lover’s Yacht’

New (Old) Sounds: The Boston producer and archivist's new mix supplies some sexy tunes in the key of love

Photo Credit: Lee Delulio

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For some people, Valentine’s Day can be rough. But Camino 84 wants your to be smooth.


The Boston producer, DJ, and archivist dropped a new mix today (February 11), just in time for Thursday’s love-in, called Lover’s Yacht, a 43-minute collection of lost tunes that’ll have you sailing smooth into your own den of love. The mix, which you can hear below on Soundcloud, is a companion piece to last spring’s Yacht Rock Breaks releases.

“I love making Valentine’s Day mixtapes every year (have since I was a teen), and last year I decided to make it a public thing — did a small run of handmade cassettes,” Camino 84 tells Vanyaland. “This year I knew I had to make a rare yacht rock-themed tape because over the course of digging for YRB and YRB2, I’ve found dozens and dozens of amazing slow jams that deserve a shine on them, but didn’t fit the breaks tape format. So here’s Lover’s Yacht — some very rare tracks, some better-known, all incredibly smooth.”

Just add lovers.