CD Rose reflects her alt-R&B life in motion on ‘Baggage Claim’

Photo Credit: Colette Auger

Over the summer we partnered with the Boston Music Awards for their Off The Record series at Hojoko, hosting live poolside performances by CD Rose and Shallow Pools. Each performance showed off a different vibe of the Boston music scene: CD Rose’s lived-in brand of alt-R&B, and Shallow Pools hooky power-pop.

Today (October 4), the former hits us with a new one-two punch in the sonic shape of Baggage Claim, a double-track package of two new enticing songs titled “Time Zone” and “Bad Habits.” Both tracks continue to showcase CD Rose’s rising appeal, as she channels her experiences in this modern age into lyricisms that flutter above chilled-out, after-hours lounge beats. It’s a cool collection incorporating delicate touches of soul and jazz, swerving in and out of genres but never taking her to places she doesn’t already feel comfortable in. Baggage Claim gives a lot, but still teases more to come from the 617 Sessions artist.

We saw the raw talent on display by the pool a few months ago. Now her vibe is creeping into our daily playlists.


Check in below.