Grimes and i_o prep for battle in their graceful collab ‘Violence’


Good afternoon, do you have a moment to speak about the forthcoming rapture led by Grimes and i_o in their new song “Violence,” released today (September 5)? Looking towards her new album Miss_Anthrop0cene, release date still TBA, the Canadian singer and producer is still riding her love of medieval warfare in a video that manages to paint combat as an airy and graceful endeavor. “You can’t see what I see / Cause you, ha, ha, you feed off hurting me,” Grimes utters in her signature angel-whisper vocal style. It’s the yin to the yang of “We Appreciate Power,” her far more aggressive single from late 2018, and it shows a promise of more Art-Angels-level tunes coming soon. Listen to the blithe sound of “Violence” below.