Dave Chappelle enlists Morgan Freeman to announce latest Netflix special


The stand-up icon’s newest hour, touted as a ‘Netflix Comedy Event’, hits the streaming service August 26

As if anticipating a Dave Chappelle stand-up Special wasn’t already exciting enough, the one who many consider to be the stand-up GOAT goes and employs Morgan Freeman to help him announce his next Netflix-bound hour.

Sticks & Stones, which makes its way to Netflix subscribers on August 26, marks Chappelle’s fifth special to land on the streaming giant since he made his return to the stand-up special game in 2017.

While the trailer doesn’t offer any sound bites or clips of what we’ll see on the special, which plays well into Chappelle’s career-spanning ability to keep things under lock and key until they’re ready to bloom, the fact that God himself narrates the trailer only adds to the suspense and excitement that follows the announcement of Chappelle’s newest hour.

Check it out below.