Emily Ruskowski is ready for one hell of a comedy party

Photo Credit: Jason Greenough for Vanyaland

With a scorching lineup at the ready, the Danvers native has a few reasons to celebrate during her first headlining slot at Nick’s

Emily Ruskowski may be closing in on her first headlining gig at Nick’s Comedy Stop on Friday (August 16), but the Danvers native is looking at the show as so much more than just a night of comedy.

Hitting up Warrenton Street to close out the week, Ruskowski is pulling out all the stops to put on one banger of a show, and aside from her own comedic genius, she has a few of her favorite people in the scene to thank for helping to make what is sure to be a great night of comedy happen.

With Old School Game Show’s Ginny Nightshade hosting a lineup that boasts Bethany Van Delft, Jiayong Li, Janet McNamara, and Mark Gallagher, it should be no secret that some top-shelf comedy is about to be thrown down, and that’s just the way Ruskowski wanted it to work out. Being able to put together the lineup she thought would deliver best, and after everyone that she initially thought of to be a part of the show confirmed their spot, Ruskowski looked at the lineup and took it as a way to push herself to bring her best stuff to close out the night, since she knows that there isn’t a single weak link in the lineup.

“I tried to put together the best show possible that I would want to see,” Ruskowski tells Vanyaland. “This is a show I would for sure want to see, and these were the comics that I initially thought of having on this show, and I really was hoping that they were all available, and every single one of them was. I like and admire all of them so much as both people and comics, and everyone brings something different to the table as powerful joke writers.”


With a great lineup in place, and her name being put up in lights on the marquee, on top of being able to work with John Tobin again, whom Ruskowski has had nothing but respect and appreciation for since making her way from the Washington D.C. comedy scene a number of years ago, there’s a lot that is making this event an already unforgettable night for Ruskowski.

As if headlining one of the most iconic stand-up clubs in the country wasn’t enough of a reason to celebrate, the show on Friday night also marks the last night of Ruskowski’s 34th trip around the sun, so she’s not just seeing this opportunity as a milestone in her stand-up career. She’s looking at it as a bit of a birthday shindig, as well.

“This is my last show before I usher in 35, so I’m really thinking of this show as a party,” says Ruskowski. “It’s just going to be a really fun and exciting time with a lot of people that I think are phenomenal, and what could be bad about that? Not to mention, Ginny has assured me that she’s going to wear her largest wig, so I’m ecstatic.”

EMILY RUSKOWSKI :: Friday, August 16 at Nick’s Comedy Stop, 100 Warrenton St. in Boston, MA :: 8 p.m., $20 :: Event page and advance tickets