Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: SkyTigers

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Studio 52 Spotlight: SkyTigers

What Studio 52 Says: Lowell-based thrash/hardcore/punk outfit SkyTigers create an impenetrable wall of sound during nearly every moment they’re playing; huge guitar sounds coat pummeling drums in a thick layer of beefy fuzz. The distressed, angry, and fast yelling that gives SkyTigers’ songs its catchy nature is definitely reminiscent of early hardcore bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag.

At times, however, they will veer off from that traditional hardcore sound and duck into screeching guitar solos that sound like they’re off a metal record from the early-’90s. SkyTigers’ 2018 release Disasterbation sounds even angrier and larger than their 2015 debut record, Appetite for Reconstruction, which itself isn’t lacking in either of those departments. It seems their trajectory as a band is moving towards making things heavier, louder, and more chaotic.

SkyTigers can definitely get a crowd moving, singing, and drinking; and they’re bringing their high energy live show to Allston’s O’Brien’s Pub on Saturday night (August 3); opening up a night with Tied to a Bear, Big No, and Sea of Storms.


— Trevor McSweeney Studio 52


Listen: SkyTigers on Spotify



Attend: SkyTigers play O’Brien’s Pub in Allston on Saturday (August 3) —

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