White Reaper keep the dream of summer alive on ‘Real Long Time’


White Reaper seem to do a lot of things well, but for our money we think they’re best at simply rocking the eff out. That was evident on their Song of the Decade contender “Judy French” from a few years back, and shined through in the spring during their appearance at Boston Calling.

Now the Kentucky rock and roll band, fresh off a new deal with Elektra Records and the release of summer jam “Might Be Right“, are back with another new single, this one a summer-y romp of catchy power-pop bliss called “Real Long Time,” and it comes complete with the video treatment from Lance Bangs. The clip shows the band… wait for it… rocking out.



Meanwhile, White Reaper are set to bring the rock back on the road for the better part of 2019’s second half, and their caravan of awesome rolls up to The Sinclair on November 2. Check out all the dates after the jump.