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Poppy circles back to the bizarre with her new EP ‘Choke’


The more we learn about Poppy, the less we understand. After using what seemed like a far more human, grounded-in-modern-issues approach for her sophomore album Am I A Girl?, her new EP Choke (released today, June 28) circles back to the bizarre. Poppy started down the hardcore trail as early as last year with her songs “X” and “Play Destroy,” but when she dropped “Voicemail” and “Scary Mask” earlier this year (both on Choke as well), it was apparent that she was already deep down the death-pop rabbit hole where we find her now. Fraught with themes of helplessness and isolation, this is a part of Poppy the “interweb” has yet to see — until today. Dig in to her newest musical metamorphosis below.