MARINA shares all her ‘Love’ on the first half of her new record

Photo via Screengrab

When MARINA (f.k.a Marina and the Diamonds, née Marina Diamandis) contemplates love and fear, she does so on two separate planes.

With Love + Fear four years in the making, the Welsh singer has shared the first half of her fourth album today (April 4), putting ‘Love’ into the world ahead of the April 26 release of the full record.

“I created ‘LOVE + FEAR’ as 2 separate records to be listened to individually,” MARINA shared in a tweet today. “I’m releasing ‘LOVE’ today so you can listen to it in full before we move onto ‘FEAR’.” 

All four of the new songs she’s released thus far – “Baby,” “Orange Trees,” “Superstar,” and “Handmade Heaven” – are on this half of the record, which means that we haven’t had a single taste of “Fear” yet.

“One of the things I struggled with in the past was letting fear get in the way of love,” she added online. “Love scared me so much. (Um… remember ‘Electra Heart’?!). This record is a result of working through that.”

Tune into the first eight tracks of Love + Fear below.