Marina and The Diamonds and Clean Bandit tango in 2018 on ‘Baby’


It’s been a long three years since Marina and The Diamonds were present on the pop scene, sharing the juicy fruits of 2015’s record FROOT. Marina Diamandis dropped the delectable album and retreated into an introspective slumber, finally to awake to a new era of mainstream music, now more dominated by latin-tinged dance tunes than ever. Her informal reintroduction on this blessed November 2 snaps and shakes via Clean Bandit’s new single “Baby,” on which she shares the vocal spotlight with “Despacito” star Luis Fonsi. It ain’t no The Family Jewels or Electra Heart, but we’re not gonna question anything that brings us closer to MATD4. Peep the collab below. Featured photo by Charlotte Rutherford.