TEEN gush goodness with every bite of ‘Good Fruit’

Fast Tracked: The fourth album from the Brooklyn sisters puts forth their 'Popular Taste' with succulent style

Photo Credit: Hannah Whitaker

“Tasty” has long been heralded (perhaps rightfully) as a lame descriptor amongst music critics for good new tunes: A complete mixup of sensory words that conveys little information, if any, to the reader.

Now enter Good Fruit, the latest offering from TEEN that actually gushes out glossy rhythm.

The fourth album from the Brooklyn sisters dropped today (March 1) via Carpark Records, putting forth their “Popular Taste” with succulent style. “Ripe” in particular effervesces with synth-laden nectar, sloshing around like an oddball indie experiment, whereas “Runner” spurs itself on solely via sugarcoated stamina. Good Fruit knows no bounds, only tangy textures and splashing soundscapes.


That’s damn tasty indeed.