The new ‘Hellboy’ poster will make you throw up the horns

A trailer for the reboot, starring 'Stranger Things'' David Harbour, hits the web on Thursday


It’s been a long and interesting road to release for the Hellboy reboot, directed by The Descent‘s Neil Marshall, and despite all of the controversy and naysaying, we have every confidence that this movie will be a walking, talking Slayer record. Case in point: this brand new poster, revealed by the film’s star, Sheriff Jim Hoppe- — fuck, we mean David Harbour, on his Instagram account earlier on Monday. Die your hair black, vandalize your high school and get ready to airbrush your van, because this poster goes up to eleven.

Take a look:

Hell yeah.

Buried in Harbour’s ramblings about how close this is coming out to Avengers: Endgame (Side note: is there anybody better at the social media game than this dude? He rules!), he drops a nugget of knowledge that may be of great interest to you: Big Red’s first teaser trailer is hitting the internet on Thursday, which improved our week as soon as we heard about that. We’re guessing that this is attached to Aquaman, though we’re willing to give out a Vanya no-prize for the projectionist who decides to put this bad boy in front of Mary Poppins Returns.

Anyway, Hellboy hits theaters on April 12. See all you fuckers back here on Thursday.

Featured image via Lionsgate.