‘The Transformers: The Movie’ returns to cinemas in September

A whole lot of children’s media released in the ’80s seemed made specifically to scar kids for life. While not as severe as, say, Return to Oz or The Secret of NIMH, for a certain subset of plastic-obsessed nerds, one movie reigns above them all as the most painful. Of course, we’re talking about The Transformers: The Movie from 1986, which featured the death of Optimus Prime amongst plenty of other things, and it’s coming back to some 500 theaters around the country on September 27. We’re sure that this is going to rip off some scabs for bitter 30-somethings who take their kids to it, but, hey, sometimes a kid just has to see that their dad can cry about things aside from divorce and (real) death.

Of course, this is a Fathom Events screening (coming courtesy of their partnership with Shout! Factory, who remastered the film for a Blu-Ray released a few years back), so you might actually have the chance to see this at a theater near you, and tickets go on sale Friday (August 3) for all fans at the Fathom website. Viewers will also get to watch a behind-the-scenes sneak preview at the latest live-action Transformers film, the surprisingly good-looking Bumblebee and they’ll get to see an interview with legendary songwriter Stan Bush and recent performances of his two songs from the film (“The Touch” and “Dare”), which is basically worth the price of admission alone.

No word on which Boston-area theaters will be playing this, but we’re betting that it’ll be at the Regal Fenway 13, given that they play the most Fathom Events out of any cinema here. What a fitting way to pay tribute to Orson Welles, given that he would have been 103 this year.

The Transformers: The Movie returns to theaters on September 27.

Featured image via Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios via MoviestillsDB.