Middle Kids send out a call to be honest and brave on ‘Don’t Be Hiding’

We’ve already gone to rather significant lengths gushing digital ink all across the songwriting talents of Middle Kids. Today, the Australian alt-rock melody makers are back with a new Mclean Stephenson-directed music video for “Don’t Be Hiding,” another gem from their Domino debut album Lost Friends. Here’s what the ‘Kids have to say about it: “There are so many things we feel ashamed of and then so often hide. When hidden, it is easy to feel people don’t know us and if they did know us, they wouldn’t accept us. ‘Don’t Be Hiding’ calls for us to be honest and brave in sharing who we are whilst learning to love ourselves and each other as imperfect yet cherished people. We made this video at Harry’s house. It’s relaxed and playful, like the song, as if to create a space to explore this idea of sharing and accepting.” Middle Kids just hit Brighton Music Hall earlier this month as part of their extended North American tour; when they return playing a larger venue (Paradise? House of Blues?), try to be in attendance. Featured Middle Kids photo by Ellie Smith.