‘ManHunt’ Trailer: Don’t call it a comeback, John Woo’s been here for years

We were lucky enough to see John Woo’s ManHunt (Or is it Manhunt? Or Man Hunt?) at TIFF last September, and we were super glad that we did. It’s a gleefully ridiculous tale of a lawyer, wrongfully accused of murder, who is pursued by a pair of female assassins and a supercop who begins to suspect that the lawyer might actually be innocent all along. Crazy fights happen at construction sites, genetic testing gets randomly inserted into the plot, and, of course, doves fly everywhere: What more could you possibly want out of a movie?

Well, until Monday morning, people wanted a release date and an idea of what platform it would be coming to. ManHunt, it turns out, is a Netflix acquisition, and in advance of its coming release, they dropped a pretty pulpy trailer for it as well.

Check it out:

This random collection of images gives you an idea of how endearingly scatterbrained Woo’s new film is, though we’re a bit puzzled by Netflix’s grindhouse-y cut of this trailer. This isn’t the 1970s, y’all — people are used to reading subtitles in trailers now, and besides, most of the film is in English anyways. Why not have a couple of lines of dialogue so we can see just how ridiculously funny Woo’s writing is? But at least the film’s finally coming out, thank God. Woo hasn’t been up to too much in the past few years outside of China, where he’s been working on epics like Red Cliff that get very little play over here, so we’re pumped that he’s back to his bread and butter. He’s chuckling with us about the impact that his action films have had on the modern cinematic landscape, and we think if you’ve enjoyed his previous work, you’ll really like this.

ManHunt hits Netflix on May 4.

Featured image via Netflix.