MØ throws it back to her youth on upbeat new jam ‘Nostalgia’


That old guy from Stranger Things once said that “mornings are for coffee and contemplation.” But that was the ’80s. These days, mornings are for nostalgia and new jams from . So consider our excitement when the Danish singer, songwriter, and electropop producer born Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen soundtracked our a.m. sessions today (March 29) with a fresh banger called “Nostalgia.” The sepia-tinged tune is carried by a karaoke-styled visual that shows MØ at varying stages of her youth, and yeah, looks like there’s a goth phase in there. “My new song Nostalgia is out now!!” she writes. “Shout out Stint and all people involved in the makings of this tune!!! AND shout out to my old friends, friends and family who make an appearance in this little karaoke flashback video curated by my lovely parents!!” MØ is currently on tour in the United Kingdom, playing Birmingham on Friday and Glasgow on Saturday. Featured MØ photo by Fryd Frydendahl, via Facebook.