Joel Stanton finds affection through electronic-pop on ‘Rumble & Take’


There’s an interesting parallel in Joel Stanton’s latest electronic-pop composition “Rumble & Take.” Musically, the Seattle-based vocalist of dream-pop duo Perfect Families found refuge in exploring more electronic textures and sounds as a solo artist, and his third single, out today (March 20), finds his crafting chilled-out, breezy synth-pop with relative ease, the type of warm-weathered soundtrack fit for a carefree June evening. Lyrically, the track takes on a similar fit of realization, one where he finds a lasting affection with another person after some pessimistic dalliances in adult dating. “Inspiration for ‘Rumble & Take’ is one part my love for hip-hop production; one-part affection for Billboard hits from 30 or 40 years ago,” Stanton tells Vanyaland. “I wanted to capture a certain warmth and euphoria with the song. As a fully digital composition, the main challenge was creating rich textures that bring these feelings to life in a visual way. Lyrically the song is semi-autobiographical. As I was starting to chalk up the dating pool as self-centered amusement, I was caught off guard by what’s proved to be a lasting and true connection.” That connection also shines through in brilliant sonic colors.