New Sounds: London producer Daniel Avery brings a ‘Slow Fade’ to Cambridge


Last month we were treated to a double shot of Daniel Avery, as the London producer announced his first new album in five years, Song For Alpha, and an immediate surprise EP titled Slow Fade. Today we get a video for the EP’s title track, and a slew of live sets that includes an April 5 appearance at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge.

The video for “Slow Fade” was crafted by London design studio Flat-e, which accompanied the clip with the following reflection: “To create the video for ‘Slow Fade’ we used a combination of techniques. Our idea was to create something structural with no tangible sense of scale and then to degrade the footage throughout the video (a slow fade). We wanted to create something akin to watching chemical reactions or seeing the start of nuclear fusion in slow motion at macro level.”

They elaborate: “Initially we photographed and filmed actual glass structures in our studio in Tottenham. Glass seemed to be the most suitable material for the music. This source material was taken in 3D software (cinema 4D) and rebuilt into a virtual sculpture. We created a number of animations and imported them into visual package VDMX to create varying degrees of digital feedback effects. We wanted to create something which looked a little like re-recorded VHS footage but we wanted to keep the resolution high enough to really see all the details in the distortion. Using real-time effects was key as it allowed us to be very hands on, we cherished all the mistakes and glitches it threw back at us and hopefully it gave the video some soul to boot.”


Song For Alpha, the follow-up to Avery’s 2013 debut Drone Logic, is out April 6 via Phantasy/Mute. Pre-order it here.

Featured image by Steve Gullick.


Daniel Avery 2018 Live Dates:
February 24 – Bristol, England – Marble Factory
March 2 – Manchester, England – Soup Kitchen
March 3 – Liverpool, England – Underground
March 9 – Glasgow, Scotland – WG3
March 10 – Dublin, Ireland – District 8
March 16 – Paris, France – Rex Club
March 17 – Barcelona, Spain – Nitsa
March 24 – London, England – York Hall
March 28 – Seattle, WA – Kremwerk
March 29 – Vancouver, BC – Celebrities Underground
March 30 – San Francisco, CA – Great Northern
April 1 – Los Angeles, CA – Lazaro’s Latin Lounge
April 5 – Cambridge, MA – Middlesex Lounge
April 6 – Brooklyn, NY – Good Room
April 7 – Detroit, MI – Marble Bar
April 12 – Washington, DC – Flash
April 13 – Montreal, QC – Centre Phi (Mutek)
April 14 – Toronto, ON – Forth