Pup To Our Hips: This pooch looks like Tim Burgess of The Charlatans

It’s always a good time for The Charlatans, but 2017 has been especially fine.

Back in May the enduring British indie band issued their 13th studio album in Different Days, and after spending a good deal of the year on stage delivering the LP to the masses, are closing things out with today’s release of groove-smackin’ new single “Over Again”.

If that wasn’t enough to let your balls drop in the name of “One to Another,” along comes a pooch who bears a striking resemblance to frontman Tim Burgess.

“Every so often there is a flurry of tweets asking me if this is a) my dog b) a dog that took a photo of me when it went for a haircut,” Burgess tweeted yesterday. “The last few hours have seen an upswing in those tweets, Either way, it’s one good looking little pup ; )”

We agree.

In fact we’d go so far as to say the pupper is a North Country Good Boy alright, Barkin’ Stories as The Only Dog I Know.

Yes, those were our alternate headlines.

And hey, in case you have yet to shake a holiday ham at The Charlatans’ new jam, fire it up below.

Featured photo courtesy of The Charlatans’ Facebook page.