Roll Without It: Liam Gallagher denied cigarettes over lack of ID


Liam Gallagher is in New York this weekend for a couple of solo appearances. And while we can’t speak for the volume of alcohol, we can safely assume there’s a disturbing lack of cigarettes — thanks to our country’s steadfast law of needing identification when buying smokes.

Gallagher, who played a secret gig Friday night at McKittrick Hotel and appears at Rough Trade in Brooklyn today (July 30), was apparently denied cigarettes at an unnamed shop because the former Oasis frontman was lacking ID.

The 44-year-old took to Twitter to vent his frustration. I’ve just been told I can’t buy cigs unless I got ID,” he tweeted, “im 4FUKIN4 has the world gone mad”.

Naturally, his replies are full of fans punning lyrics, and yes, “Cigarettes And Alcohol” makes a few appearances.

The minimum age to buy tobacco products in New York City is 21. Elsewhere around the country the legal age limit is 18 or 19.

After these intimate gigs, Gallagher releases his debut solo record As You Were on October 6, and returns to the states for a proper tour in November; he plays Boston’s House of Blues on November 25. Bring your ID.

Despite yesterday’s hangup over dukes, Gallagher awoke early Sunday morning in brighter spirits.

Photo via publicity/Liam Gallagher.