Going Down Under: Harry Styles denies rumor he contracted chlamydia from a koala bear

Harry Styles is full of surprises. The former One Direction singer and current Rolling Stone cover boy has been riding high off the release of stellar debut solo single “Sign Of The Times” — which he skillfully showed off recently on Saturday Night Live — and the anticipation of his upcoming self-titled debut solo album, set to drop May 12.

But he had to address one pesky rumor Friday (April 21) on Britain’s The Graham Norton Show, and it had nothing to do with his new single or that possible Star Wars cameo.

No, it centered around the strange speculation that back in 2012 Styles and his former One Direction bandmate Liam Payne contracted chlamydia from a koala bear. Styles and Payne were rumored to have contracted the disease during a photo op.

We’ll let the NME take it from here:

“Asked to clear up the rumour once and for all during his guest appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ on Friday, Styles confirmed that it was not true. During a segment where Norton brought up some of the ‘mad’ rumours that have been written about the singer over the years, the host asked Styles to respond to the koala incident with a facial expression — to which he shook his head in denial and said ‘I’d like to confirm that’s not true.’

Here’s video proof (of the denial, not the koala incident). Featured koala photo via the San Diego Zoo.