Bad Boys Blue singer John McInerney hospitalized after serious car accident in Russia


John McInerney, singer of veteran international pop group Bad Boys Blue, has been hospitalized in Russia after being involved in a serious car accident.

The crash took place between Bad Boys Blue gigs in Novosibirsk and Tomsk on Saturday (March 4). McInerney suffered a fractured hip and was transported to two Russian hospitals for the procedure, and is expected to be transported again to a hospital in Moscow. Also in the car was McInerney’s wife and backup singer Sylvia, Bad Boys Blue manager Taras Volkovinsky, and the group’s hired driver.


The other passengers were not injured. McInerney was in the backseat of the car and on the side of impact.

“John was brought to the hospital in Marsh where he got the first aid and then was transported to the hospital in Tomsk where he successfully suffered surgery on his hip fracture,” writes Michał Drozda on the Bad Boys Blue Facebook page Sunday morning (ET). “Tomorrow, John will be transported to Moscow and then from Moscow to Warsaw where he will continue recovering. Last but not least John would like to say ‘thank you’ to the medical personnel and support staff of the said hospitals.”

According to reports by Russian news agencies, bad visibility and icy road conditions caused the crash.


“On Saturday morning, on the way to Tomsk our car collided with a truck, which blocked part of the roadway in a collision,” Volkovinsky tells Russian media, translated by Google. “It was poor visibility on the road due to snow, strong ice on the road in the wrong place stood a van, occupied part of the road we did not go quickly, we have the driver of a professional… we could not overtake because of oncoming traffic. We started to slow down, but did not escape the collision, right side collided with a truck.”

After performing at “Mega Dance 90” in Novosibirsk on Friday night, Bad Boys Blue cancelled their Saturday appearance in Tomsk. The cities are separated by about 165 miles.

Bad Boys Blue formed Germany in 1984, and McInerney is the lone surviving member of the group’s classic-era lineup. Wildly popular in Eastern Europe and Russia, Bad Boys Blue performed select shows in North America in 2015.

Below is a look at the Lexus carrying the group. Featured McInerney photo via the group’s Facebook page.


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