Potty Mouth are back in town and bring their ‘Smash Hit’ to the Middle East tonight


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Well, that headline is a bit misleading, because Massachusetts-born guitar-rock band Potty Mouth have more than a few smash hits, dating back to their incredible summer 2012 Sun Damage EP that we’re still rather obsessed with. Since then, Potty Mouth have evolved into a universal treasure, and 2015’s self-titled EP, on the strength of killer single “Cherry Picking”, gave the group the national springboard we all knew was inevitable.

As Abby Weems, Ally Einbinder, Victoria Mandanas prep their forthcoming new album, Potty Mouth swing by the Middle East in Cambridge tonight, and we figured this is as good a time as any to revisit their recent video for “Smash Hit,” which, uhh, well, which inspired that headline up there.

Deets on the show tonight via the flyer after the video jump. Featured Potty Mouth photo by Jesse Riggins.

Potty Mouth Mid East