Kill Your Television: Bat House unveil manic video for ‘Alright, Spaceboy’



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Yesterday we unveiled the lineup for our latest South-By-Southwest party with Berklee College of Music, and we think it’s our strongest Austin offering yet. With a move from an outdoor tent near the Convention Center to Friends Bar in 6th Street, the focus became less about sun-shiny grandstanding and more toward spotlighting new Boston bands and artists we feel are repping our city proud.


One of the bands we are most excited about is Bat House, a psych-leaning math-rock band that has become a staple of Allston/Brighton’s DIY and basement scenes. Right around the time we announced the SXSW party, Bat House premiered their new video for “Alright, Spaceboy” via Tom Tom Magazine. Watch it below.

The clip was directed by Alex Humphreys and Bat House, with video production by Humphreys, and graphics by Jack Quinn. Model and actriz Cole Haden plays the role of Spaceboy.

“The video is loosely based on an outsider’s perspective on what humans do to the planet,” Bat House drummer Nicole Pompei tells Tom Tom. “The character, Spaceboy, is infatuated with the spatial and natural elements of our planet and is driven mad by the ways we abuse the space around us. [The images on the TV] are all representative of natural elements, so again, referencing the character’s interest in the natural elements of our planet. We were going to use those images for another project but they didn’t really fit so they ended up being a great addition to the ‘Spaceboy’ video. They acted as an example of being exposed to the beautiful parts of our planet and as the images become more vibrant and psychedelic, Spaceboy’s sense of admiration for the planet elevates.”


For those not rolling down to Texas next month, Bat House celebrate the release of their new album April 23 at Great Scott in Allston, a fantastic bill featuring Black Beach and Twen.